31 Things Introverts Would Rather Do Than Spend New Year's Eve In Times Square

December 29th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

More than one million people will go to New York City's Times Square to watch the ball drop this New Year's Eve. But participating in this annual tradition would be a real life nightmare for any introvert.

Introverted people -- those who lose energy from being around others, rather than gain it -- aren't usually mad for big crowds. In fact, many introverts hate small talk, feel "lost" in large groups, and benefit from socializing with a smaller circle of friends. While introverts aren't necessarily shy, a night spent with one million of their closest (and drunkest?) friends isn't the ideal picture of a night celebrating new beginnings.

We have an inkling that most introverts would prefer to do almost anything than be present when the ball drops. Below we present 31 of those things:  

1. Watch the ball drop on TV from the safety of their couches.

2. Watch paint dry.

3. Walk on hot coals.

4. Go to the dentist.

5. Spend time in Ms. Trunchbull's chokey.

6. Recite the alphabet backwards at least 10 times.

7. Get checked for lice -- and discover they have it.

8. Read War and Peace.

9. Wait on hold with the cable company for the entire evening.

10. Have "It's A Small World, After All" stuck in their head for a whole week.

11. Make photocopies of the Bible.

12. Shave a stranger's back.

13. Drink Soylent. 

14. Clean their neighbor's bathroom.

15. Give up cheese for a year. 

16. Shovel horse manure without gloves. 

17. Only have access to Nickelback on Spotify (and have the activity be public on Facebook).

18. Pay for a dinner with Donald Trump.

19. Watch multiple hours of infomercials.

20. Pluck their leg hair.

21. Spend a week without a smartphone.

22. Retake the SATs. 

23. Walk a mile in a blizzard ... barefoot.

24. Sit next to a crying baby on a 10-hour flight. 

25. Squirt a lemon in their eye.

26. Legally change their name to "Voldemort."

27. Hand-feed Pizza Rat.

28. Only eat oatmeal for the rest of their life.

29. Wear a wool coat and boots during the summer in Florida.

30. Get a neck tattoo.

31. Literally anything else.

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