5 Easy and Festive Holiday Decor Ideas

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While it's lovely to look at sparkling, snow-dusted trees and front yards adorned with twinkling lights, there's something wonderful about bringing holiday magic into your home. It's a joy to cozy up to a fire in a living room glimmering with garlands or enjoy a meal at a table trimmed with cheery centerpieces. But giving your home some holiday spirit doesn't have to cost a fortune or require hiring the decorating team from Gimbels! With just a few easy-to-find materials, you can create a cozy holiday dwelling that will make even Santa Claus a little jealous.

Here are five holiday decorating ideas that will add some festive spirit to your home. These ideas are simple and quick, so you can spend less time putting complicated decorations together and more time with loved ones this holiday season. 

1. Candy shoppe-inspired display
Remember how when you were a child you'd wander through the candy store downtown, eyes wide in wonder as you gazed at the shining jars filled with rainbow-colored sweets? Take a cue from these memories by filling some large glass jars or containers with eye-catching holiday items and treats. Fill the jars with whatever floats your fancy, like sparkly ornaments or metallic jingle bells. Or create a merry mix by filling the jars with clementines and peppermints or pinecones and beaded garlands. One large jar makes a great centerpiece for a dining room table, while a collection of several jars of different sizes brightens up a mantelpiece.

2. Bring the outside in
Few winter activities beat taking a leisurely stroll through the woods. It's a feast for the senses: The air is crisp, the invigorating smell of fir trees wafts through your nose and the whole landscape is a stunning picture of bright white and dark green. Bring a little of this sensory experience inside by hanging greenery throughout your home. A garland of evergreen lining a doorway is fanciful and gives off a fresh scent. Attach the garland by first securing no-damage, plastic adhesive hooks on either side or on the wall right above the top of the door. Then, find the center of the garland and measure the two points that will line up with the two hooks. Tie twine or florist's wire around these two sections, and then simply loop them onto the hooks. Other great places for evergreen garlands or sprigs include along the banister and curtain rods, and on side tables and mantles. 

3. Jazz up a holiday wreath
While wreaths are a holiday staple, there are some fun ways to liven them up that only take a few seconds to do! Using varying lengths of string, hang ornaments from different spots across a pinecone or fir wreath for a festive look. You could also hang jingle bells or candy canes to take your wreath look up a notch. 

4. Make an ornament "curtain"
Strings of colorful ornaments hanging in front of a window will sparkle and shine every time the sunlight hits them. Cut five to 10 1- to 2-foot strips of ribbon, then tie an ornament onto the bottom of one strip. Continue adding several more ornaments along the length of each piece of ribbon, working from the bottom and knotting each ornament securely in place. Do this for each strip of ribbon, then tie the tops of the ribbons to the curtain rod so they hang down and form a festive curtain of sorts. This is a great way to show off a charming collection of vintage ornaments. 

5. Create a season's greetings garland
This decoration is a wonderful way to display all the holiday cards you've received. Take a piece of twine, 1 1/2 feet long, and hang it across the front of a mirror, above the mantle or across the window in front of the kitchen sink. Attach cards and photos to the twine by using clothespins, which you can buy in a variety of holiday colors and designs. As your card and photo collection grows, you can add more garlands beneath the top one. For an extra festive touch, and to show off your garlands at night, pin photos and cards to electric string lights instead of plain twine. 

Make your home a holiday wonderland with these easy decorating ideas. 

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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