5 Gift Ideas For Your Elderly Loved Ones

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As you set off on your holiday shopping sprees this year, you may find that coming up with a creative gift for your parents or grandparents is giving you the most grief. This tends to be true because older adults have acquired a lot after a lifetime of birthdays and holidays. Your elderly loved ones may also have different perspectives on life that make it challenging to select a present they'll enjoy. However, you may just need a helping hand to get you started. Here are a five useful, creative and thoughtful gift ideas that your relatives will love.

1. Customized gift baskets
You may notice that your older relatives spend a lot of their time enjoying a few specific hobbies. To ensure that you're going to surprise them with a gift that they'll really appreciate, look for presents that they can use while participating in these activities. For example, if your parents are members of a book club, get them the newest book by their favorite authors and a fun bookmark.

Set these presents up in a gift basket and throw in items like some coffee and a throw blanket to enhance their comfort while delving into their novels. You can easily take the same approach if they have other hobbies like playing a certain sport or cooking. Not only do personalized gift baskets make useful presents, but they show you put a lot of time and thought into your gifts. 

2. Items that increase convenience
If your family members experience a lack of mobility or struggle with certain everyday tasks, consider getting them gifts that help them tackle these challenges. Automatic jar or can openers, for example, can make preparing a meal or getting a snack a lot easier if unscrewing tight lids tends to present problems.

There are tools called reachers and grabbers for seniors with arthritis who have a hard time bending over to pick things up or extend their bodies to reach items. The claws at the end of the pole firmly clasp objects to prevent your loved ones from having to twist or bend their muscles. Other popular gifts that improve the convenience of everyday activities are clap-on lights and registration to food delivery services that bring groceries to your relatives' home.

3. Nostalgic gifts
One type of present that older adults usually love is items that involve family photos and paraphernalia that represents special memories. A handmade scrapbook with photos of you when you were younger, the grandkids and any recent photos of the family together will have a lot of meaning and timeless value. Add newspaper clippings from special dates or events, airplane tickets from memorable trips and even belongings you used as a child to make your scrapbook a heartwarming work of art that your family members will cherish for a long time. 

4. Tickets to live performances
Seeing a live show is always an exciting activity, especially if your loved ones enjoy a particular art form, such as ballet, plays or music. Surprising them with tickets to a holiday show like the Rockettes in New York City or a local Nutcracker performance will get them in the holiday spirit and provide the opportunity to make new memories together.

5. Gadgets for communication
If your relatives aren't opposed to learning new technology, consider getting them a smartphone so you can video chat each other on the go and send text messages. This could be especially useful if they live at an assisted living facility, as being able to communicate with ease in between visits is important. A tablet is another option that enables video chatting, gaming and access to social media sites like Facebook so they can regularly keep in touch with you and other family members.

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