Joy in Service Award Winner Spotlight: Brandon Bayless

November 25th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Brandon Bayless has been with Sunrise since September 2012. He is now the lead housekeeper at The Colonnades, VA. Brandon is always willing to help others, whether it be residents, families or team members. This flexibility, in combination with his easy going demeanor, makes him a wonderful asset to the team.

Brandon wants everyone around him feel comfortable. He addresses the residents, listens to their stories and talks about some of their experiences with them. In his words, “the residents are the biggest and best part of working at Sunrise.” He feels that it is a gift to be able to bring joy into their lives.

Through his role, Brandon encourages independence among residents. Often, they are more willing to try things on their own with his reassuring presence. He’ll never take over doing tasks for them unless they ask for his assistance. His supportive nature, kind spirit and friendly smile earn their trust. He also has a true concern for his fellow team members and is an active member of the Be-Safe Committee. He’s always willing to lend a hand, no matter the circumstances, even if it requires him to stay late. By doing so, he sets a great example for new team members. He is conscious of how his job affects others and he works hard to help ensure he is always creating a positive environment.

For everything that you do Brandon, #SunriseThanksYou!

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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