The Lake Havasu Mystery

December 1st, 2015 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

So I wake up in the night and my brain says this: Lake Havisu.

Weird. Not only have I never been to Lake Havisu, I'm not even sure where it is. Is it by the Hoover Dam? Near Las Vegas? It's 4 A.M. and before I can stop it, my brain is flitting from one enigmatic thing to the next.

The location of the lake, the look of the lake, a 1950s photo postcard of the lake, (complete with old-timey cars and a color scheme of turquoise and orange) all float through the small flat screen in my mind.

I briefly think, maybe I'm having a Trixie Belden/Sherlock Holmes moment? It's a clue! My amazing brain has been working furiously whilst I slumber, and Uncle Billy's money, the body of Jimmy Hoffa, or the Holy Grail are at Lake Havisu. Some mystery is finally solved, thanks to my amazing brain.

After ruminating over possible scenarios, I realize my brain is just messing with me, so I need to shut that thing down, so I can go back to sleep, instead of worrying about Syrian refugees, and the fact that we haven't hung any Christmas lights up yet, and the awkward feelings Soon-yi Previn must have surrounding Fathers Day, since her husband is also her father figure. Mother's Day must be weird too.

When I'm in this situation, where my brain seems to be winding up instead of winding down, it helps to imagine a peaceful scene, like a picnic in the country, or something boring, like an organizational meeting for some parent group that I'm expected to volunteer for.

Ah ha! The magic solution. Having watched the Woody Allen film Bananas recently, and realizing that aside from the first 10 minutes, it hadn't aged well. I started replaying that snooze fest in my head and was asleep in no time.

The first thing I did when I woke up was grab for my computer and google Lake Havisu. Apparently it's spelled Havasu. I guess my amazing brain doesn't have spell check. It's in Arizona, nowhere near the Hoover Dam, and the London Bridge is there! Of all things, that was the place that purchased the London Bridge and moved it, stone by stone, to an American city by a lake.

I notice that the only college listed in Lake Havasu City, is the Charles of Italy Beauty College. This fact is important to me only because my daughter is a junior in high school and we're beginning the college selection process. My daughter Mabel checked a box on a form and now she has a large grocery bag in her closet, that is overflowing with letters and mailings inviting her to apply to study here or there all over the USA. Small forests have been clear cut, in order to print the paper to entice her to take a look at this place or that place.

Not wanting to solve the puzzle of where she'll go to college, I quickly google Soon-yi Previn, and spend the next 15 minutes grossed out by lurid details on the internet about that debacle.

It was my birthday, and only a few weeks until Christmas. A tradition that my family and I have always kept, is gifting each other with bags of stuff (crap) that we no longer want. It's probably a kind of passive aggressive clutter removal system. Realizing that the Bananas movie might be appreciated by my nephew Dave, who I've discussed Woody Allen films with, I decide to gift it to him. But is that a burden or a gift? My amazing brain comes up with a brilliant solution! A Post-It note on the cover saying: Dave, the first 10 minutes are golden, then feel free to sort laundry or knit.

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