The Werks Releases New Concept Album <i>Inside A Dream</i>

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Album Art By Marc Noreikas

The anatomy of a dream takes many forms and has inspired great works of literature, art and music. Dreams are not easily explained because they are driven by intuition, emotion, and imagery. For psychedelic-dance-jam-funk-rock band, The Werks, they discovered a way to structure an entire album around the anatomy of a dream, taking their listeners on an aural journey through their mind's eye. Inside A Dream is their fourth studio album and is now available, with its official release date of November 20th, 2015.

Inside A Dream is a fully conceptual album where each track explores the various realms of dreams. The Werks brings the listeners into the group's psyche, sharing their most intimate fears, regrets, memories and aspirations. Each song also explores various soundscapes, ranging from upbeat dance tempos to thick, funky melodies. Though widely known for their live performances as a jam band, Inside A Dream is the sound of Rob Chafin (drums, vocals, samples), Dino Dimitrouleas (bass, vocals), Chris Houser (guitar, vocals), and Dan Shaw (keyboard, vocals) turning their minds inside out.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, this quartet is a well seasoned and sonically diverse band who are currently traveling America with Twiddle on their fall "Twerk Tour." Their highly anticipated LP is already receiving positive feedback for its unique revival of the concept album. "Opus 66" was the first track that truly caught my ear, as halfway through the song I realized it was an edgy rendition of one of Frederic Chopin's most complex piano compositions, "Fantasie Impromptu." Its frenetic and hypnotic melody send the pulse into a frenzy and simulate the madness that dreams can sometimes conjure.

Photo by Joshua Timmermans / Noble Visions

"For You" utilizes the familiar guitar riffs of classic rock while the following track, "Give Or Take," is an indie-Americana crossover piece that displays their diverse appeal while still retaining their jam band spirit. The title track "Inside A Dream" is a reflective song of past loves, regret and living in the present. With sweeping melodies and poignant lyrics, this track feels like the heart of the album, not only sharing its namesake, but also evoking one's latent emotions.

As the album dips and dives through the undulating waves of the dream world, the listener arrives at the second to last track, "Transformational." Its eastern-derived introduction awakens a new corner of the mind as it transiently shifts from a psychedelic experience to a rock ballad. "Transformational" pulls the listener out of the revelry of deep sleep and into the outer fringes of consciousness. The sweet melodies of the final track "Waiting Room" welcomes the warmth of daylight, beckoning the mind back from the depths of the subconscious.

Inside A Dream is The Werks' magnum opus, eleven tracks of sweeping compositions that perfectly merge the cohesiveness of a concept album with the spontaneous spirit of the jam band. Capturing the magic of the jam experience can be a challenge in the recording studio but The Werks have managed to achieve it. Dreams are a shared human experience and music is the food of love so it seems only natural to combine the two. From funk, to rock, to indie, and even to classical, their sonic landscapes see no fences.


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