'Tis the Season: Inspired Gifts for Every Yogi in Your Life

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It's the most wonderful time of the year. It's also the busiest time of the year. And the stress of the holidays can take a toll on even the most balanced and centered yogi. Luckily, we've put this mindful gift guide for all the yogis on your list - from apps to getaways - there is something for everyone. And the best part, you can do all your shopping right here, right now.

Stocking Stuffers
It doesn't matter how old you are, who doesn't love getting a stocking filled with little presents? These are sure to please, so don't stop at just one gift -- grab a stocking and fill it up!

Essential oils are so 2014. This year's choice --- Nomaterra. Nomaterra uses all natural oils to inspire fragrances that are reminiscent of particular locations including Oahu and Cape Cod. Our fav? The orange blossom sweetness of Miami. Plus, unlike essential oils that spill all over the place, Nomaterra oils are roll-on so you get the perfect amount each time.

Stone of Heaven Bracelet
What yogi doesn't love crystals and charms? The Stone of Heaven Bracelet< has both. It is made by women in Afghanistan to help other women there, while proceeds here in the States go to TAPS. TAPS supports the families of our military fallen through grief counseling, support groups, and camps for children. So, while giving out this holiday season, be sure to give back.

Eminence Organics
Taking care of your skin is a must. Lots of water and the right products make it easier to stop Mother Nature in her tracks. Our go to? Eminence Organics. Eminence is all-natural, and you can pronounce every ingredient on the label. We recommend the luxuriousm Blueberry Soy Night Recovery Cream -- the perfect remedy for night after night of holiday soirees.

Yoga Accessories
The yoga clothing industry, deemed Athleisure wear by Merriam-Webster, is one of the fastest growing industries. Even though yoga teaches Aparigraha (non-materialism), what yogi doesn't love stuff (shirts, yoga pants, yoga bags, Yogitoes, etc., etc., etc.)? So here are a few more suggestions to make the season brighter!

Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat
Yoga mats are like cars. Every one likes different styles and colors. While a mat is a personal choice, we'd be remiss if we didn't recommend our favorite - the Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat. Out of all the mats we've tried over the years (and there's been a quite a few) this is the only one that delivered on its promise of being non-slip.

Yoda Yoga Mat
We searched high and low for Star Wars inspired yoga gifts, and came up short (we don't count the Star Wars Kama Sutra - you can Google it - as very festive). But we did find this adorable Yoda Yoga Mat (say that fast three times). Yoda's philosophy just might rival Buddha's.

Coming in 2016 (but you can one order now) - the LifeFuels bottle. As the name indicates, this souped-up water bottle makes it easy to take all your vitamins and supplements every day - just add them to your water through a "FuelPod." The best part? LifeFuels measures and tracks the recommended doses so you always get the right amount. LifeFuels also includes technology to link to your other health apps to provide you with a complete picture of your overall wellbeing.

RainbowLove Greetings
If you haven't sent out Christmas cards yet, save yourself the postage and instead create your own yoga-inspired eCard with RainbowLove Greetings. This cute photo editing and eCard app is sure to please aspiring yogis. Colorful and fun, this app offers hand-drawn yoga and boho art (unique to RainbowLove) that can be added to any of your photos, or one of the photos in app. Get creative!

Host and Hostess Gifts
The holiday season is in full swing and bringing a gift to a party is a must (thank you, Amy Vanderbilt). The old standby's -- liquor, flowers, and food - still apply. But this year, go local. Not only does buying local support your community, but you are sure to find unique treats that will please even the pickiest hostess!

Colorado Honey
While we don't tipple anymore, around the holidays we might join in the festivities for a glass or two. Flavored whiskeys are all the rage this year, and our favorite is Colorado Honey from Honey House Distillery from Durango, Colorado. As a gift, even for non-drinkers like us, Colorado Honey is perfect for the chef in the family. Reduce the whiskey for a dessert sauce or topping for ice cream (trust us, your yogi won't be disappointed).

Undone Chocolate
It's been scientifically proven that chocolate can be good for you so you don't need to feel badly about indulging over the holidays. And now with handcrafted chocolates hitting the market, chocolate is even healthier. Undone Chocolate, made in Washington, DC, only has two ingredients - organic cacao and sugarcane. Undone is chocolate pure and simple. We're all about the Himalayan Pink Salt.

When it comes to flowers, especially delivery, it's hard to find flowers that stand up to travel and the weather. But with UrbanStems, a new start-up flower company in New York and DC, you don't have to worry about either. Freshly cut flowers are ordered and delivered same day, with bouquets starting at $35 (including all delivery charges). These holiday arrangements will brighten any table.

Hot Hot Hot
What's hot right now? There are the usual gifts - dharma wheels, mala bracelets, and the latest health fad - that you could easily buy. But why not get more creative with one of these recommendations?

Coloring Books
The hottest gift this season? Adult coloring books (no, not that kind of "adult"). Adult coloring books offer hours of entertainment, while decreasing stress. Coloring is the new mindfulness. We love Millie Marlotta's books. Pick up some colored pencils and colored pens (be sure to get pens that don't bleed through the paper) and wrap it all up with a big ribbon and watch the transformation of adult to child.

Hinoki Cypress
Expect to hear a lot more about forest bathing in 2016. Started in Japan, the trend is now hitting the West Coast. Can't make it to a Japanese Hinoki Forest to stress less? Bring the forest to your yogi with a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress from Brussels Bonasi. The hinoki oil has been said to decrease blood pressure, while the benefits of having a plant around the house can help with seasonal ailments, such as SAD.

Banza Pasta
Does your yogi love pasta, but doesn't love the carbs or the gluten? Banza Pasta has solved that problem with chickpeas. Banza actually looks and tastes like regular pasta, but with half the carbs, no gluten, and a whooping 25 grams of protein per 3.5 ounce serving. Italian Christmas, anyone?

The Sky's the Limit
Still searching for that special gift? Then try one of these once in a lifetime ideas. They won't fit in a stocking, or under the tree, but they are more than a gift, they are an experience that won't be forgotten.

Photography Session
Just about every yogi in the world has an Instagram account, including us. But it's a daily trial to find new and exciting yoga photos to post. No matter how much we try, it's hard to get that perfect photo (even with all the cool photo editing apps out there). So, hire a yoga photographer for your special yogi. Top of our list Robert Sturman. Check also for local photographers who specialize in yoga or fitness.

SUP Yoga
Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is taking yoga to the next level, as well as challenging the balance of even the most experienced yogis. Paddleboard companies are now creating special yoga boards, some of which include mats on the top of the boards. While boards are personal just like yoga mats, we love SUP Love or Yolo Boards (tip: choose a long, wide board for SUP yoga). You won't be able to put the board under the tree, but you can put a ribbon on it and send your yogi on a fun holiday treasure hunt. They won't be disappointed at the end of the rainbow.

Las Olas
The motto at Las Olas is making girls out of women. It's the ultimate adventure yoga trip with two yoga classes a day, plus surf lessons in the warm, gentle winter waves off the coast of Mexico. When not surfing or on the mat, guests can explore the nearby jungle, learn to Salsa, or paddleboard in crystal clear water. Oh, and they have a spa, too. What yogi wouldn't love five days in paradise?

Happy shopping!

Amy K. Mitchell is the founder and president of ProYOGA USA. ProYOGA specializes in stress reduction yoga in corporate and special event settings. You can follow Amy on Twitter @ProYOGAUSA or on Instagram at @ProYOGAUSA.

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