What You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About The Hymen

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FYI: A woman can be sexually active and have an intact hymen. 

In a new video from truTV's series "Adam Ruins Everything," host Adam Convoy and his guy friend get a lesson on hymens and sex from College Humor writer Emily Axford. “People picture the hymen like it’s one of those paper banners at a sports game," Axford says. "They think it covers up a lady’s vagina and then when she has sex for the first time -- boom -- it gets busted.” 

But, nope -- that's not usually how it works, people. 

“The hymen is actually a thin stretchy bit around the vagina," the woman tells Adam and his friend. "In most women our hymens have an opening that's big enough for tampons, fingers and, yes, getting busy.”

Think of the hymen not as a barrier, but a balloon arch, she tells the two dudes. 

While Axford dizzies her clueless audience with fun facts, she also notes that the misunderstanding of women's hymens has very real consequences for the livelihood of women in many parts of the world. 

“In some parts of the world, women are forced to show government officials that their hymen is intact," Axford says. "If they don’t they can be denied jobs, barred from making rape accusations, even thrown in jail.” 

Watch the full video above to learn more about the hymen and all the lies told about her.

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