When I'm Having A Bad Day I Come Back To This

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Every day, I wake up and ask myself: "Who am I supposed to help today?"

Throughout the day, I think 10 to 15 people I'm grateful for, then wish them luck. Do they receive this good luck? I don't know.

Yesterday, a few occurrences reminded me of my cousin, so I sent him a text, "Have a good day!"
He texted back a day later, "Yesterday was crap. Grabbing today by the reigns. :)"

Which made me want to grab life by the reigns, too. Since I've had many crappy days and many more happy days, it's easy to see a trend on how I best came back after a crappy one. Here's what I came up with:

1. Pause

When I'm having a bad day, the first key is to pause to notice how I am feeling. Is it angry? Sad? Lonely?

I take a few deep breathes to connect to define my emotions more clearly. Once I've defined the emotion, I simply ask, "why am I feeling X?"

I then do the opposite of conventional wisdom, and avoid "searching" for the answer. I'm just focused on intently asking, "why."

Not searching for the answer means I emotionally detach myself from the situation at hand. I physically detach from the situations by getting out of my head and into my body. The easiest way to do this is to go for a walk.

2. Going for a walk

Bad day's make my mind race. With so many negative thoughts, I get a splitting headache. My mind is cluttered with junk and I can't think straight. I feel stuck in the mud; standing in the mud of the past watching the storms of the future approaching. My mind is everywhere except the present, the now.

Each time I'm stuck with negative thoughts, I know I need to get out of this rat race thinking.
The best way to calm the mind is to go on a walk. So simple, yet so effective. Listening to a new song and taking in my surroundings clears the mind and frees the soul. I reenergize myself by expelling the negativity through my actions. I am physically walking away from my problems. That is liberating.

Once I've dealt with the bulk of the emotions then I go to my greatest source of happiness, relationships.

3. Rely on relationships

My family and friends are the people I can lean on when I am having a bad time. And it makes me feel good that I can do the same for them.
By feeling understood, I am connected to the string of life that pulls me out from a hole.

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose your relationships wisely. Who you interact affects your mood. Day by day this either results in a better mood or worse. Life is about growth. Relationships and environment are major factors determining this growth.

4. Expectations

I have found that the lower I set my self expectations, the more often I exceed them. Expectations can be the weights that hold down your wings from flying.

When I'm having a bad day, I always check in with myself on this: "are missed expectations the result of this bad day?"

If I find I've setup too many unrealistic expects, I let them go. Now I'm free!! Free to do what the world has been waiting for me to do ALL DAY LONG. What the world is waiting for you to do, right now.

5. Create

It's time to make art.

Creating is the essence of life. Living a life of passion and love is a byproduct of consistently creating. Creating relationships, painting, music, books, woodwork, the list goes on.

Creating can be intimating. For instance, I read it every day. There are a lot of great authors out there to inspire me. And when your writing doesn't seem like it's at par with the greats, it can be discouraging. But I can't let that stop me from creating.

The other day, a co-worker asked me if I could do one thing differently in my life, what would it be?
"Step into 'my office' (which is the cubicle next to his) and sit down, THIS is going take a while..."


Grabbing the day by the reigns for me, means building myself up to create. To chirp like a bird in nature. All birds chirp, not just the good ones. Today my day hasn't been the best. But I was able to build myself up to do the one thing I needed to do. Create. And this is my chirp. May it inspire you to share as well.

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