2018 Nurses Week Spotlight: Janice Simon

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May 6–12 is National Nurses Week! This year’s theme is “Nurses: Inspire, Influence, Innovate.” To celebrate, we are recognizing six nurses, nominated by the Sunrise Care team, who demonstrate these virtues in our communities every day.

LaTeefah Phillips is the healthcare manager at Sunrise of Granite Run, PA, and she’s been with Sunrise for 20 years! LaTeefah has been selected as a nurse who inspires—creates positive feelings in others and fills them with the urge or ability to take positive action.

LaTeefah is a smart, reliable nurse who consistently advocates for residents. Throughout all of her years with Sunrise, LaTeefah has been a kind, hospitable presence in the community.

“Every time I walk into Sunrise of Granite Run, it feels like a warm, welcoming home, and LaTeefah Phillips is largely responsible for that,” says Alexia Carballo, regional director of Resident Care. “She greets people with hug and a genuine, friendly smile.”

LaTeefah is a leader with an ability to stay calm and collected through any challenges, which inspires confidence in fellow team members. Her sense of humor can sometimes be just what the team needs! She constantly supplies positive reinforcement, and she’s always looking for opportunities to educate team members and further their development.

“Her positivity and passion is contagious,” says Alexia. “LaTeefah inspires me to approach each day with a can-do attitude, and it is evident that she instills the same feeling in her team.”

Whenever she has an opportunity, LaTeefah likes to visit the Reminiscence Neighborhood, where she can connect with family members, educate care managers, or simply spend time with memory care residents.

 “LateeFah’s passion and care for her residents is in her core,” says Eileen Bogas, executive director, Sunrise of Granite Run. “I am blessed as an administrator to have her on my team, but Sunrise is lucky to have a nurse with the passion and dedication that she has for our residents.”

The entire Sunrise family is grateful for the tireless dedication and inspirational spirit of nurses like LaTeefah. Thanks for all that you do! Meet the rest of our 2018 Nurses Week winners on The Sunrise Blog.

Check out #SunrisesNurses on Facebook and Twitter to see other Sunrise nurses being celebrated by their fellow team members and friends. Interested in pursuing a career as a Sunrise nurse and becoming a part of the team? Visit our nursing careers page

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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