5 Resources for Art Projects to Help Caregivers Reduce Stress

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Family caregivers typically live with a considerable amount of stress. While the role can be rewarding and empowering, it can also leave the caregiver worn out and anxious. Unfortunately, caregivers sometimes use negative behaviors to cope, such as smoking, overeating, and even abusing alcohol.

Finding healthy ways to manage stress is important. Some people turn to exercise. Activities such as walking, swimming, and Pilates are great for mental and physical health.

Other caregivers find journaling to be a good stress reliever. Getting thoughts and fears down on paper is a therapeutic way to manage unspoken emotions.

If you are looking for other stress-busting options, art projects may be worth a try.

Art to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Don’t hesitate to explore your creative side, even if you’ve never taken an art class. Art can help you tap into unexpressed emotions while reducing stress.

The following resources offer a variety of art projects caregivers can choose from:

  1. Artists Network: If you are looking for creative ideas for art projects you can do at home, you’ll find some unique ones here. From colored pencils and collages to abstract painting, this site has project ideas for beginners and more advanced artists alike.
  2. Joann Fabrics: This craft store has a resource-rich website filled with arts and crafts projects for all ages. Whether you are looking for an intergenerational craft project or one to do on your own, there are many to choose from here.
  3. Moms & Crafters: From free adult coloring pages to a unique gift box tutorial, this site has projects galore for kids and adults. Many are free downloads or projects that can be completed inexpensively.
  4. DIY Projects: This site is home to a roundup of truly unique arts and crafts projects for adults. Button rings, garden stones, branch coasters, and a yarn ball garland are just a few of the ideas you’ll find.
  5. The Spruce Crafts: This site encourages you to tackle a new type of art or craft project. It might be beadwork, jewelry making, or even crafting miniature doll houses.

If you’d like to tackle a more formal online art class, there are a variety of options. A few popular ones are:

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