5 Suggestions for Planning an Intergenerational Father's Day

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Since more people are living longer, healthier lives, family holiday celebrations often include three or even four generations of loved ones. Finding ways to make those gatherings engaging and enjoyable for everyone, however, takes a little more planning. As Father’s Day approaches, we’ve compiled a few ideas you can use to plan an intergenerational celebration.

Honoring Fathers of All Ages

For many fathers and grandfathers, the gift of time is the most precious of all. Planning an experience gift, such as an outing or special event, can give several generations of the family bonding time to make memories.

Here are a few suggestions to consider for your intergenerational Father’s Day celebration:

  1. Gone fishin’: Depending on your location, you might consider a family fishing trip. These can be as simple as organizing a trip to a local park with a stocked pond or as elaborate as chartering a commercial boat for a day trip on one of the Great Lakes or local seaways. Many parks have accessible facilities for adults who use mobility devices like walkers and wheelchairs, so don’t rule out a fishing trip before exploring what is available near you.
  2. Family talent show: This can be a fun way for families to bond in the days leading up to Father’s Day. Individual or groups of family members can create their own “act” to share during a Father’s Day talent show. Designate one family member to act as emcee, someone else to record the event, and another loved one to be the producer. Faraway family members can participate by recording their own talent act and sending it via email. That video can be shared during the show.
  3. Sporting event: Do the fathers and grandfathers in your family have a favorite summer sport? For many, it is baseball. You can organize a family trip to the local ballpark for a minor or major league baseball game. If that isn’t an option, make an outing to enjoy a grandchild’s tee-ball or soccer game. End the night with ice cream and cake at a family member’s home or at a local ice cream shop.
  4. Outdoor movie night: Technology has made it easier for families to host their own movie night in the backyard. You can stream or purchase a DVD for a family-friendly movie like Peter Rabbit or Sherlock Gnomes. Setting up your own outdoor theatre can be as easy as borrowing or renting a projector to use with your laptop and hanging a white sheet to project on. Don’t forget the popcorn and Junior Mints!
  5. Outdoor hike: Another great way to spend Father’s Day is with a nature walk and picnic in the great outdoors. Depending on the health of the family elders, your walk could be an easy stroll along an accessible trail at a local park or a more serious hike at one of our country’s national parks. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch, healthy snacks, and bottled water.

If an outing or special event isn’t feasible this year, we have a few more ideas for you to consider. These activities can help you plan a more low-key Father’s Day celebration with a father or grandfather in your family.

At Sunrise Senior Living communities, we celebrate Father’s Day in a big way every year and invite our residents’ families to join us. Call the community nearest you to learn more!

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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