6 Summer Activities to Enjoy with your Grandkids

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Stimulate your grandkids' minds with these fun activities!

If you ask your grandchildren what their favorite season is, chances are they'll say summer. Why? Because they don't have to go to school, of course! While this time of year gives your little ones the chance to take a break from waking up early and going to class, it doesn't mean they should stop learning. If you're a grandparent who plans on spending lots of time with the grandkids this summer, check out this list of activities that can equally entertain and education them:

1. Teach Them How to Cook
If you want to give your grandchildren a hands-on lesson, Education World suggests teaching them how to cook! Choose a recipe together and create the dish for lunch. Show them how to measure the ingredients, set the timer and clean up the mess once the meal is in the oven.

2. Make a Cartoon Flip book
Staple 50 note cards together and create a cartoon flip book. Come up with a scenario together then draw a sequence of pictures on each card to illustrate the story. Once you're finished, flip quickly through the pages to watch the cartoon come to life!

3. Do Some Research
Talk to your grandchildren about what fascinates them most. It could be a certain animal, historical event or even their favorite sports. Once they comes up with a topic, help them do some research! You can use the internet to stimulate their mind and help them learn more about this interest. Who knows, maybe it'll influence them to keep learning throughout the summer!

4. Play Board Games
Playing classic board games with your grandchildren isn't only a fun way to pass the time, it also stimulates their brains! Scholastic Parents says board games help children develop new skills around number and shape recognition, visual perception, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity! They're also great for teaching your grandchildren important social skills, such as patience, sharing and verbal communication.

5. Start a Family Book Club
Reading is an excellent activity for stimulating a child's brain – so why not inspire your grandkids to read during the summer? You could simply encourage them to find a few books on their own, or you could start a family book club. This is a great way to get the entire family involved in learning this summer. Real Simple magazine recommends adding "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Coraline" and "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" to your reading list.

6. Create Personalized Crosswords
How often do you complete your crosswords while your grandchildren are visiting? Instead of sending them in the other room to do something else while you complete it, print them out their own! The National Long Distance Relationship Building Institute suggests creating personalized crosswords on the internet for your grandchildren. Just fill it with fond family memory hints that they'll have a blast figuring out.

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