6 Ways Seniors Can Cut Their Home Energy Expenses

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Energy costs can take a big bite out of a senior’s budget, especially for those who live on a fixed income. From small changes you can make around your home to purchasing energy-efficient appliances, finding ways to cut energy expenses wherever you can is important.

Here are a few ideas to help you lower your energy expenses.

Ideas for Lowering Your Home Energy Costs

  1. Audit home energy: One way to lower your energy expenses is by figuring out if and where hot or cold air is escaping from your house. Some utility companies offer audits as a service for clients. If yours doesn’t, you can find a professional energy auditor near you by visiting the Residential Energy Services Network (RESN) online.
  2. Dress in layers: Dressing in layers will allow you to turn your thermostat down and save money on heating costs during the winter months. Experts say you can expect to save around 10 percent for every degree you lower the thermostat.
  3. Replace old appliances: Older appliances can be a burden on your energy costs. If you haven’t replaced often-used appliances like the stove, refrigerator, washer, or dryer in a while, consider doing so. Newer, energy-saving appliances are much more efficient.
  4. Fix leaks: The faucet that won’t turn off or a toilet that always runs can be more than just annoyances. They might also be running up your energy costs. Make a list of items that need repair and call a plumber.
  5. Unplug unused devices: We all have a host of electrical appliances in our homes that we rarely use. Keeping them plugged in can lead to higher electric bills. Go room-by-room and identify appliances you can unplug.
  6. Install ceiling and attic fans: If you don’t already have attic or ceiling fans, consider having them installed. Attic fans quickly remove hot air from your home during summer months, making air conditioning less necessary. Ceiling fans circulate air, helping to lower energy costs year-round.

Utilities Are Included at Sunrise Senior Living

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