6 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

August 4th, 2016 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Beat the heat with these cool tips.

Summer is the season of sunshine. And while many people enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, the heat can sometimes be too much to handle. Feeling uncomfortable in high temperatures can ruin anyone's day, and it can even lead to heat exhaustion.

However, there are plenty of ways to beat the heat! Consider these tips for staying cool this summer:

1. Use your indoor cooling system
Staying cool outdoors isn't always possible. When the temperatures have become too high, it's important to head indoors to avoid potential health concerns. Air conditioning is your best friend during the summer, and If you don't have a cooling system, just make sure your home is stocked with fans.

2. Consider your lightbulbs
Have you ever considered how much heat the lightbulbs in your home emit? Maria Tikoff Vargas, brand manager for the Energy Star program at the EPA told Prevention magazine that an incandescent lightbulb actually radiates 90 percent of its energy as heat.

"Since most homes have 30 to 35 light fixtures, your cooling system expends a lot of energy counteracting their effects," she said.

Consider replacing your bulbs with fluorescent ones, as they radiate 75 percent less heat.

3. Exercise at the right time
Summer allows so much more of your time to be spent outside. If you like to exercise outdoors, make sure you're heading out at the right times. Medicinenet.com said to take advantage of the early mornings and late evenings – these are the best times of the day to avoid high temperatures. If you can't exercise during these hours, just try reducing the intensity and time of your workout while you're outside.

4. Dress accordingly
Certain colors and fabrics can attract heat, so it's important to dress with caution. Try wearing lightly colored, loosely fitted clothing while you're in warm temperatures. Cotton is an example of a great, breathable fabric for keeping cool so make sure you're planning your outfits accordingly!

5. Drink water before bed
Staying properly hydrated throughout the night will keep you from overeating. Greatist reported that drinking a tall glass of water before bed is vital during the summertime. Tossing and turning often leads to sweating, which can ultimately make you dehydrated. Make certain to drink a cup of water before bed and leave a glass nearby in case you wake up feeling parched.

6. Jump in the pool
What better way to keep cool during the summertime than to jump in the pool? Swimming is a great low-impact option for physical activity. So grab a friend, head to the local pool and go for a swim. 

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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