Act Two: How to Embrace and Celebrate Aging

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The phrase “age is just a number” is often repeated. In a culture obsessed with youth, however, adopting it as your personal mantra might be difficult. The beauty industry is a prime example. According to Forbes, it’s an industry that has grown to $445 billion a year. Much of the money spent is on products “guaranteed” to make you look younger.

The truth is, aging comes with many rewards. It can be a season of life when adults finally have the time and financial resources to pursue lifelong dreams and passions. Designing your second act in life is one of the best ways to embrace and celebrate aging.

Designing Your Second Act in Life

As you think about how you’d like to spend your retirement years and what your second act might be, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Retirement career: Many older adults feel their age will be held against them if they decide to try a new career, so they avoid pursuing a dream job. A survey commissioned by CareerBuilder showed that tide may be turning. Researchers interviewed 438 full-time workers over the age of 60 and 2,192 human resources professionals. They found that over half of all private employers hired a senior that year and expected to continue hiring more in the months ahead.
  • Entrepreneurship: Another option to consider is starting your own business. Life experience often allows seniors to be successful entrepreneurs. In fact, adults between the ages of 55 and 64 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. It doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking, either. For example, if you’ve always loved dogs and like being outdoors, you could start a dog-walking business. If quilting was a favorite hobby you had to let go when you were working and raising a family, pick it back up and turn it into a business.
  • Charitable work: Getting involved in a volunteer project you feel passionate about is another way to create a healthy, happy Act Two. Research suggests that senior volunteers can receive as much as they give when it comes to volunteering. From lower rates of depression and heart disease to a stronger sense of purpose and confidence, connecting with a charity can improve your life during retirement. Call your local United Way or search VolunteerMatch to find an opportunity near you.
  • Travel: Single seniors may be reluctant to travel. Even if they’ve always dreamed of traveling the globe during retirement, the idea of traveling alone can be daunting. The good news is you can easily connect with a group of like-minded, single older adults. Many senior centers routinely organize travel clubs and trips. Some are to local attractions, while others might be to popular national and international destinations. AARP Travel also has a variety of resources you might find helpful.

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