Bring on Another Cocktail – Please!  A Book Review

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The baby boomer generation's outlook on retirement is very different then the generation before us. The Silent Generation, those born in the 1920's and who lived through the Great Depression and WWII, are known for their strong family values, the need to save for a rainy day and living within their means. Whereas, the baby boomers, who invented Rock and Roll and put a man on the moon, are known as risk-takers and having the you-only-live-once attitude.


As an aging baby boomer, I do see myself, at some point, making a radical change in my life, but that does not mean that I will retire, learn how to knit and just look after the grandkids. 

What I see for myself is to grab more of what life has to offer and travel for long periods of time. Sounds impossible right? What if I told you that it is not only possible but also financially feasible and safe if you plan accordingly.

When I was given the book, Another Cocktail Please: The Essential Guide to Long Term Vacationing, I began thinking of the real possibility of being on 'vacation' half of the year. The author, Jack Janssen has been doing this for years. As a successful realtor, Jack has been traveling in the real estate off season whilst keeping a home base where his office is. When he married his co-author, Carrie Trip, she was already on her way to being, what Jack coins himself, a seasonal nomad.


Some may not think that traveling simplifies our lives but if we think of it as a nomadic lifestyle it conjures up the image of traveling from place to place; with no destination in mind and only going wherever one fancies. Just thinking about wandering through countries and crossing borders with no set plans, goals or aspirations sounds wonderful. I realized that if I want to take an art course in Florence, or learn how to snorkel in Fiji, the only thing stopping me is me!

Jack's first quote in the book is "Living the life I choose" is to me, as important as breathing. Inhale, and gain a sense of adventure. Exhale, and sever any cords that hold you back - realize they were only strings to be broken."

Being a seasonal nomad is not as flighty as one may think. It is more of a strategic plan on seeing the world one season at a time, whilst not giving up the home base. 

This book not only helps to envision this type of lifestyle but it also provides straightforward, practical advice on how to actually live it! Jack and Carrie take you through practical steps needed to travel safely, choose a destination, secure a luxurious, affordable, rental property, and prepare yourself in advance for your trip. 

Reading this book kick started my own urge to make some big life changes. It invoked images of me lying on some tropical beach relishing the simplicity of my nomadic, yet exotic lifestyle; my thoughts traveling in and out of consciousness with the timing of the waves rolling gently to and from shore.

If you are not convinced yet check out their blog, Evolving Bucket List and see the images of all of the exotic locations they have been.  It just may spark your own need for change! 

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