Celebrating Mom: Gift Ideas for Mothers and Grandmothers

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Mothers and grandmothers play critical roles in our families and communities. They are the nurturers, the organizers, the people we turn to when things go wrong, and the ones we want to share our good news with first.

As Mother’s Day approaches, this gift guide can help you find the perfect way to honor the mothers and grandmothers in your life.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Seniors

  • The gift of time: For many of us, spending time with those we love most is increasingly important as we grow older. The gift of your time is probably what your senior loved one would cherish most. Plan a Mother’s Day celebration that includes your mother’s or grandmother’s favorite pastimes. Go out for lunch at a restaurant of her choice. Download or borrow a few old movies and make popcorn to snack on while you watch them together. Go shopping and stop for coffee and dessert. 
  • Develop a family video: This is a great gift for today’s tech-savvy grandkids to help with. Put together a video your loved one can have to keep and enjoy forever. You can make it a funny video, like creating a song you all have a part in performing. Or you could make it sentimental, such as telling the story of their life in pictures that date back to their childhood and young adulthood. Think outside the box and let your creativity guide you.
  • Create a scrapbook: Another gift that can become a valuable keepsake is a family scrapbook, either a traditional or digital version. Be sure to include photos that span the generations. Another option is to purchase all of the supplies, round up the photos, and spend Mother’s Day putting the scrapbook together with your mother or grandmother.
  • Coupon book: For the senior who has everything, a personalized coupon book might be a good option. Create coupons your loved one can trade in for different tasks, errands, and outings: a car wash, lunch at their favorite restaurant, help planting spring flowers, a manicure from you or a grandchild, and a home movie night. Think about what they enjoy doing and add a coupon to your book for it!
  • Pamper her: Schedule a relaxing trip to the salon for the ladies in the family. A spa manicure, pedicure, facial, or new hairstyle can make all the women in the family feel pampered while providing your senior loved one with an opportunity to be the center of attention.

Finally, don’t overlook the more traditional Mother’s Day gifts. They’ve been around forever because mothers and grandmothers like receiving them. A Mother’s Day card with a thoughtful letter inside is something she will likely cherish. Add some flowers or candy, depending on which one she likes most.

At Sunrise Senior Living communities, we celebrate Mother’s Day in a big way every year and invite our residents’ families to join us. Call the community nearest you to learn more!

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