Enjoyable hobbies for seniors

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A hobby is an excellent way for a senior to stay active. Check out these ideas.

A hobby is an excellent way to socialize, to explore an old interest and to stay active. For older adults, joining a class or pursuing a new activity is an excellent idea. Here are just a few suggestions that are great for older adults:

Sixty and Me found that among the many hobbies available to older adults, gardening is one of the most rewarding. This is because it is such a simple activity to enjoy, even for beginners. A small window box or herb garden is an easy place to start, and aside from the aesthetic beauty offered by budding plants, a garden can also add a bit of fresh produce into a senior's life. 

Reading is another fantastic hobby because not only is it economical, but it can also be enjoyed anywhere in the world. A favorite book is the perfect companion for a trip to the beach, a weekend away or simply when getting ready for bed.

Reading helps keep the mind sharp, which is key for older adults. A favorite novel may be nostalgic and warming, while reading the latest in science or politics keeps a a senior current. 

Walking or Swimming
Long stretches of sedentary activity can make the body feel weak and tired, while even light exercise such as walking is a way of keeping the body strong and limber. Older adults may walk around a neighborhood park or mall as a source of free exercise.

Swimming is also a great low impact activity. A neighborhood pool or community center is a good place to make friends and also get a bit of exercise as well. 

Like reading, writing can be an excellent way for seniors to stay sharp. With so much experience and perspective, even individuals with no experience writing may find they have a lot to say when they put pen to paper. 

Yoga is great because it is low-impact and doesn't put too much stress on the body. At the same time, the activity promotes wellness and mental health. Joining a yoga class is also a fantastic way to stay social, either by going with friends or by making new ones.

This is a wonderful hobby because it is a way to express interests and a knack for creativity, as well as document experiences and travels. A senior may decide to take a course to learn more about techniques, best practices and sources of inspiration, or simply take a camera out into the world and start snapping photos. If there are grandchildren in the family, getting involved with photography together can become even more rewarding.

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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