How Legacy Planning Can Promote Healthier Aging

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As we grow older, the idea of how we will be remembered often takes on greater meaning. So does documenting important family history for future generations. Taking steps to address these issues is considered part of legacy planning.

Leaving a legacy isn’t reserved for only wealthy or famous people. In fact, it is an emotional matter that most older adults will experience at some point.

How Legacy Planning Leads to a Better Quality of Life for Seniors

Here are a few ways planning your legacy will improve your overall quality of life:

  • Live with purpose: Considering how you want to be remembered and planning your legacy can give you guideposts to live by. Whatever stage you are at in life, you will probably discover that a legacy plan helps you make more purpose-driven decisions. That holds true for everything from where you live to how you spend your retirement money.
  • Self-reflect: Conducting a personal life review isn’t always easy. It takes honesty and self-reflection. Allowing yourself time for introspection can help you accept past disputes and disagreements or encourage you to try to resolve them. Either way, the result is a positive impact on the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Reconnect with friends and family: The self-reflection that typically accompanies legacy planning may make you realize you’ve lost touch with close friends and family members. In today’s fast-paced world, that’s easy to do. Legacy planning may lead you to reestablish relationships.
  • Document and share family history: Family elders often serve as historians. Sharing your family’s unique history with the younger generations is a meaningful way to spend time together. It also ensures that important family stories won’t be lost.
  • Recognize and support your values: Legacy planning enables you to recognize and honor organizations that reflect your values and passions. If you are financially able, leaving an endowment to a charity in your will may bring you peace. It might also encourage you to volunteer for the organization during your retirement years.

Giving careful thought to your legacy now can help you live a happier life as you age.

The Retirement Living Decision Is Important

Your quality of life during retirement is also impacted by where you choose to live. Senior communities are thoughtfully designed to allow older adults to live their best lives. “How Does a Move to a Senior Living Community Help Improve Quality of Life?” is a quick article about why where you live matters so much as you grow older.

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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