How Seniors Can Overcome Hesitations and Make a Successful Transition to Assisted Living

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Older adults who move to an assisted living community often say they wish they’d done so sooner. Most see their quality of life improve in areas ranging from socialization and nutrition to safety, personal care support, and freedom from home repairs.

With so many benefits, why do seniors put off moving?

Older adults cite many reasons when asked. From worries about loss of privacy to fear of change, it is a delay that may keep them from living their best life during retirement. Just ask Ann, a resident of Sunrise of Lincroft, NJ, or Eleanor, who moved to Sunrise at Mill Basin, NY. Both prove that assisted living can help you Live With Purpose at every age.

Providing Motivation for a Strong Recovery

Some residents come to Sunrise following a hospital stay. It gives them a secure environment to regain their strength and return to a normal life. For Eleanor, it was a very long road to recovery. She came to Sunrise at Mill Basin after being hospitalized for nearly two-and-a-half years for various medical problems.

Her husband Bob and her daughters were looking for a place that would support her recovery while motivating her to enjoy life again.

“When I first arrived, I was so unsure of everything. But the care managers were really attentive and very sensitive to my needs,” explains Eleanor. With the support of staff and a devoted family, she made solid progress in her recovery.

Eleanor says a planned resident outing, a boat ride around Manhattan, became a pivotal moment in her recovery. “That boat ride motivated me to get moving.” She started physical therapy and worked hard toward her goal to walk again.

With that goal met, Eleanor set a new one: to dance again. “Bob likes to dance and I would like to be his partner once more,” she resolved.

Aided by Sunrise’s daily Exercise Essentials, Eleanor is moving and grooving again! She and Bob attend all the community’s special events, especially those that involve music and dancing.

Eleanor credits the staff at Sunrise at Mill Basin for helping her regain her strength and Live With Purpose.

Overcoming the Dangers of Senior Isolation

For older adults who live alone, isolation is a serious health risk. It increases the risk for medical problems like heart disease, depression, and diabetes. It was one of the many concerns a Sunrise of Lincroft resident’s children had for their mother.

After her husband of 31 years passed away, Ann’s children thought an assisted living community would be an ideal solution. They had witnessed their mother change from an active, engaged woman to someone who spent most of her time alone in front of the television.

When the family broached the subject of a move with Ann, she wanted no part of it. But her loved ones persisted, and they finally compromised. For one month, Ann would take advantage of a short-term respite program at Sunrise of Lincroft to prove it wasn’t right for her.

Ann moved to the community in mid-November of 2017. Her family members quickly noticed changes. She was more outgoing, had new friends, and was starting to participate in community activities.

She didn’t want to admit that her children were right, so the staff helped ensure “what happens in Sunrise, stays in Sunrise!” Because the changes were so obvious, however, she couldn’t hide that she was happier than she had been in a long time.

Today, Ann not only participates in all the activities the community offers, but she also motivates fellow residents to join the fun!

To learn how Sunrise can help a senior in your life Live With Purpose or to schedule a private tour of a community near you, please call 888-434-4648.

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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