How To Downsize For Assisted Living

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Let these tips help you plan out the downsizing process!

Before relocating to an assisted living community, you'll likely need to do some downsizing. The situation itself can be a little stressful, especially if you have a difficult time letting go of your belongings. But don't worry, there are many ways to ease the process and help you feel better about parting with your possessions.

Here are a few downsizing tips to prepare you for assisted living:

Start packing early
Above all, you should tackle the downsizing process early on. John Buckles, president and founder of Caring Transitions shared a piece of advice with AARP after he helped relocate his parents to a senior living community.

"The biggest mistake is waiting until you sell your home or tragedy happens," he said.

You should start downsizing one month before you put your house up for sale and as soon as you notice a decline in your health. This can save you the stress of rushing to get things done or passing the task on to a family member.

Ask for help
Before you start packing things up, turn to your children or other family members for assistance. A helping hand never hurts, plus they'll probably love going through items that spark up fond memories. They might even take a few of those prized possessions out of your hands – making the downsizing process even easier.

Come up with a plan
Once you've got a solid team, you're ready to dive in. But before everyone starts rummaging through things without guidance, you'll want to come up with a plan. Tackle the job room by room, starting with the space that's most cluttered. Then, make your way around the entire house until you're ready to head outdoors, to the shed and garage. You might think dividing the family up to tackle separate rooms will make the job go faster, but it might cause stress and confusion over what stays and goes. 

Create separate piles
The key to figuring out what you'll keep is by creating separate piles for your belongings. Money Talks News suggests putting your things into one of three piles: to keep, to toss, and to sell or give away. If you stumble upon an item that you're unsure of, create a fourth pile labeled "undecided." Once you've got nothing left to throw in the designated areas, go back to that last pile and decide its fate. This process encourages organization over a cluttered mess.

Keep your new home in mind during this process – how many items will fit there comfortably? This can help you make a decision on a possession you were uncertain about parting with.

Donate your unwanted items
Search for a thrift store or charity near you that's accepting donations. AARP said you can also donate WWII memorabilia or expensive items to museums and schools, which could result in receiving a plaque or tax deduction! 

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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