How to Live Your Happiest Life during Retirement

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Retirement is a chapter most adults look forward to reaching. While having some well-deserved leisure time is important, living your best retirement also requires finding purpose. That can be more difficult when the kids are grown and your career is left behind.

These tips can help you create a plan for living your best life after you retire.

Living with Purpose during Retirement

  1. Listen to your head and heart: Having the freedom to plan your own day can be empowering after you’ve spent a lifetime adjusting your schedule to an employer’s needs. Without structure, however, too much free time can lead to unhealthy habits. For example, retirees may find themselves watching too much television. After you give yourself time to enjoy a vacation or just relax for a few months, try to structure your days. Reflect on your core beliefs and dreams. Have you always wanted to teach English at a community college? Help organize voter registration drives? Think about what you really wanted to do before family life and career took over your daily schedule.
  2. Volunteer for a nonprofit: Research shows older adults who volunteer their time for a cause they believe in live longer, healthier lives. They tend to have fewer illnesses and health problems while also having more opportunities to make friends. This article gives some tips on how to connect with volunteer work near you.
  3. Pursue an old passion: Working full-time and raising a family can be hectic. Adults often have little time to keep up with hobbies and special interests. Retirement is a great time to reconnect with them.
  4. Develop healthy habits: Protecting your health during retirement should be a high priority. Adopting a healthy diet is one of the most important steps you can take. Aging experts often recommend the Mediterranean diet. An exercise plan that incorporates weight training, stretching, and cardiovascular activity also helps. When you practice good self-care, you may lower your risk of life-limiting illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.
  5. Nurture the spirit: After many years spent looking forward to and planning for retirement, it’s time to slow down and live in the present. Finding healthy ways to focus on joy can help you reduce stress and live your best quality of life. While some seniors find comfort in religion, nurturing the spirit isn’t limited to joining a church or synagogue. Other options might include gardening, meditation, yoga, journaling, or swimming.
  6. Spend time with children: Spending time with the younger generation is another way to live your best retirement. Kids boost the spirit and lighten the mood. A growing amount of research also shows older adults who spend time with children live longer.

Where you live during retirement also matters. From well-balanced meals to wellness programs and life enrichment activities, Sunrise is dedicated to helping each resident live their best quality of life. Call the Sunrise community nearest you to learn more and schedule your private tour!
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