Safety Technology for Adults with Alzheimer's Disease

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When a family elder has Alzheimer’s disease, safety is a leading concern for loved ones. Because the disease typically causes memory loss and impaired judgment, finding discreet, noninvasive ways to keep a senior loved one safe is important. In recent years, technology has made that easier.

From GPS-enabled shoe soles to automatic stovetop shut-off devices, here are some of the tech products families can explore.

Innovative Safety Products for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

  1. Smart Sole: While it’s important to protect the physical safety of a senior with Alzheimer’s disease, doing so without compromising their dignity is vital. This discreet GPS tracking product uses cellular technology to track the senior in the event they become lost. It can be trimmed to fit into the insole of a shoe or slipper.
  2. PocketFinder: This is another discreet product that can help family caregivers keep a loved one with Alzheimer’s safe. It looks like a key fob for a car and can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse. The device updates the senior’s location every 60 seconds. Another helpful feature is geofencing. It allows families to set up designated safe zones around the home. If the senior strays beyond the safe zones, the PocketFinder system will alert caregivers.
  3. Reminder Rosie: In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, a senior might choose to remain independent in their own home. If they are suffering from memory loss, however, it can make it difficult for them to remember appointments and tasks. Reminder Rosie is one solution. Caregivers can record voice reminders to alert a loved one when it’s time to take medication, get ready for a doctor’s appointment, or complete any other chore. The device eliminates some of the stress for the senior and their loved ones.
  4. Automatic stove turn-off devices: Another safety concern when an adult has memory loss is cooking. If the senior forgets they have something cooking on the stove top, it can lead to a kitchen fire. The good news is there are a variety of automatic stove turn-off devices to explore.
  5. Medication dispensers: If a senior with early stage Alzheimer’s disease lives alone, staying on track with medication can be more challenging. Automatic medication dispensers may be helpful. Systems such as MedMinder unlock the right dosage at the necessary time. Some will even alert a family member if a dosage is missed.
  6. GPS wearable: Another way to protect a senior’s dignity while monitoring their location is using a device that resembles a sports watch. Most use cellular technology that tracks the wearer’s location in real time or near real time. Revolutionary Tracker and Keruve are two you might want to investigate.

If you find the terminology related to tech products confusing, you aren’t alone. The Alzheimer’s Association’s Technology 101 walks you through terms and trends related to GPS technology.

Dementia Care Resources

You can learn more about caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease by reviewing articles and videos on the Sunrise Senior Living website. Topics range from safety to the Validation Method.

We also invite you to call us at 888-434-4648 with any questions about memory care. One of our experienced care professionals will be happy to help!

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