Transportation and Ridesharing Options to Help Seniors Stay Independent

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When an older adult hangs up their car keys for good, finding alternative methods of transportation is important. Maintaining independence requires having affordable options for getting to and from physician appointments, social outings, the grocery store, and more.

Because seniors don’t want to feel as if they are burdening adult children or other family members with frequent requests for transportation, it isn’t uncommon for adults who give up driving to become isolated. You can help avoid that by creating a list of reliable local transportation options.

Transportation Options That Help Seniors Stay Independent

While older adults who live in major metropolitan areas typically have a variety of transportation options, seniors who live in suburban or rural areas might have access to transportation solutions they aren’t aware of.

  • Ridesharing services: Most people think of these as options for younger adults in major cities. The truth is ridesharing services are available in small towns and rural areas, too. Uber and Lyft are trying hard to capture the business of older adults. If you or your senior loved one don’t want to use a smartphone app, services like GoGoGrandparent make it easy for a senior to arrange for a ride without a smartphone.
  • National Volunteer Transportation Center: Another option to explore is this volunteer program, which is part of the National Center for Mobility Management. They maintain a database of volunteer transportation programs for seniors. You may be able to find a program near your senior loved one’s home.
  • Health organizations: Depending on where your senior loved one needs to go and for what purpose, the transportation services offered by some healthcare organizations can be an option. For example, an area hospital might have a van that picks older adults up and drops them back off at home if they have an appointment at the hospital or one of the hospital’s physician groups. Many times, this service is offered at no cost to the rider.
  • Senior center outreach: Cities and counties across the country have senior centers that offer a variety of activities and programs designed to meet the needs of older adults. Among the services senior centers often offer is transportation. Sometimes it is through an agency on aging, and other times it is a volunteer effort coordinated through the senior center itself. Use to find the center closest to you or your loved one.

If the senior in your family has been considering a move to an independent or assisted living community, they’ll be interested to know that transportation services are a popular service for residents.

Sunrise Senior Living communities have regularly scheduled outings to shopping centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other area destinations. Personal transportation to and from physician appointments can also be arranged. Call the Sunrise community nearest you to learn more about our transportation options.

Source: Sunrise Senior Living

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