What Is Skip-Gen Travel?

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A trend that is becoming increasingly common is skip-gen travel. The phrase is shorthand for travel plans that skip a generation, and generally refers to grandparents taking the grandkids on a holiday. As we head into the last month of summer, we share helpful tips for planning a last-minute skip-gen getaway with your grandchildren.

Planning a Skip-Gen Vacation

1. Set realistic expectations.

If this is the first time you are vacationing alone with your grandchildren, set realistic expectations. You might want to start small. Plan a getaway to a nearby destination over a long weekend or a few days during the week. Car travel is often easier and less expensive than air travel when several generations are involved.

2. Think beyond the beach.

Big cities often have much to offer during the summer when people tend to head to beaches and lakes. Explore opportunities in the towns and cities near you. Art museums can be fun for kids of all ages, especially if there are mummies, African masks, or knights in shining armor. Natural history museums are usually a hit with kids, too. Many museums have kids’ activities and programs throughout the year, but especially during the summer.

3. Choose lodging with care.

Depending upon your age and the age of your grandchildren, you might spend a lot of time in your hotel. Finding one that is kid-friendly is important. An on-site restaurant and indoor pool (or even an indoor water park!) can save the vacation on a rainy day. You also don’t want to worry that the grandkids are making too much noise if the hotel isn’t accustomed to serving younger guests. US News surveyed over 1,000 travel advisors and came up with a list of 17 kid-friendly hotels.

4. Explore local restaurants online.

The internet makes it much easier to plan skip-gen travel. You can search for kid-friendly restaurants before you even leave home. Using the phrase “kid-friendly restaurants” along with your destination will likely give you a variety of options. Then you can read online reviews to narrow your choices.

5. Involve the grandkids in planning.

While you might want to do initial research and planning on your own, it could be fun to involve the grandkids in the final details. Doing so gives you even more opportunity to bond and make long-lasting memories.

6. Don’t forget to take pictures.

In the hustle and bustle of your getaway, it’s easy to overlook taking a few family photos. The grandkids might be experienced at selfies, but make sure to take group photos too.

With careful planning, your skip-gen adventure is sure to be a trip you’ll all remember.

If your schedule won’t accommodate an intergenerational vacation, plan a staycation instead. Our article 6 Summer Activities to Enjoy with your Grandkids is packed with helpful tips for doing just that.

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